Russell Haque – Germany

Another 6×7 photographer in our database. This time we got photos from Russell Haque and some story about his 6×7 photography. I can tell you in a very short form about how I ended up in 6×7 format.

Russell Haque – Germany – 6×7 Photographer

When I was in high school, I used to buy used 10-15 years old fashion magazine like vogue, vanity fair etc. from the street side book shops saving my pocket money. Fashion magazine, specially of foreign magazines were not that common in Bangladesh. I had a keen interest in portrait. By the time I finished my bachelor and got a job to be able to buy camera, digital technology dominated the market. Analogue photography became obsolete in Bangladesh. However, my fascination was film and I managed to buy an old nikon 35mm camera. My first roll of black and white film took almost three months to be developed after searching the whole country for a developer.

Now I live in Germany. One of the reasons of moving in Germany was the availability of film photography. Gradually I moved into medium format and after handling a lot of medium format cameras, I made pentax 6×7 as MAIN camera. I love 6×6 format as well but for portraits, 6×7 format gives me more freedom to play with composition.

My visual taste is inspired by the 80s, 90s portrait. The pleasure I get from a kodak tri x 400 (now tx) result, is incomparable to digital. Now I work on portrait of woman to show them beautiful in a daily life situations without requiring to put on extra material and unnecessary sophistication. I am just trying to convey the message that woman are powerful in the form of a woman, not in the means of expensive dress or heavy make up or extraordinary photographic set ups.