Agustin David Forner – Spain

The nature elements and its processes are an starting subject of my photographic work. I dive into the relationship Human-Nature, the modern subjet-object binomial and the physical absence of the human element in the searching of the resonance that emptiness produce are some of the characteristics of my photography.

I like the artisan character , intense and serene rhythm imposed by the analogue photography and the medium and large format cameras . A state of full consciousness as to what the ” photographic moment ” means . The physical-chemical film and handling characteristics are an important part , too, in the production process of my photographs.”


In this series I try to show what I felt when I was driving through Iceland by Road 1. I wanted to make simple, clean and intime landscape portraits of, what for me is, this vast wilderness, colorful, dark and at the same time luminous and plenty of water country. My main concern was to show all these portraits in the from of stages, straight visions of places in which I could show the immensity of the Nature and its violent processes that we are not able to see in our routine lifes.

Agustin David Forner Photography: